Vacation from life

Hello, It has been such a long time since I have written here that I am even kind of embarrassed. Time runs so fast for me and maybe for you too, but it starts to scare me out, I mean like events that happened like a year or six month ago seem like yesterday. Anyway I have been so good and happy these past weeks, actually ever since New Year, I guess because I change my view to things and everything that is happening around me, and It is only reasonable that all seems so positive, to change the world you have to change your self. :))
A couple of weeks ago I went to France, it was like a dream come true, although I wasn't in Paris but in Strasbourg, Elzas it was amazing, France is one of those places where you can relax and just enjoy your time , just like vacation should be. I spent such a quality time with my lovely mom, it was kind of her present to me and I couldn't be more satisfied with my trip, and since you may know I love traveling, this was the best present.
Little tour through my life, if you want to see more feel free to follow me on Instagram 

Some shots from my trip to Strasbourg, but unfortunately you can't put those amazing feelings in pictures, right now I really wish I could travel in time and go back there for another week.

A little something I made about things, that never should be forgotten  
of course the beautiful Strasbourg, you can see some German themes there, because it is quite close to Frankfurt and is placed in between Germany and France.

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