New year, new beginning  I suppose, but lets be honest it only feels like a new begging  for a couple of days after the New Year, well, at least for me so I wont blame anything else just a pure desire to write here after such a long time. Not much  has changed except almost everything but it only depends on how you look at it. At this time of the year when the weather is quite cold, to say the least, but still so very beautiful. When the sun is setting and sky becomes orange and clouds turn pink or when the sun shines so bright you can see how the snow is sparkling and air seems sparkly and crispy as well and at that exact moment the cold for a moment seems bearable. That is what I would call a delightful winter and in winter so seamlessly in wardrobe appears turtlenecks but I have to admit they do their job pretty well by keeping me warm all through the day and sometimes feeling cosy is all I want.

Every year for Christmas we make a special cake which we start to prepare at the beginning of December it is like a tradition and I would say a very delicious one.

 When it comes to styling my hair I usually choose to keep my hair away from my face because it comes in very handy when the wind blows and the last thing on my mind is fixing them.

Pinky mint

Summer is coming closer and closer so wardrobe is gradually becoming brighter, lighter and more summery in every possible way and you have to agree that anything looks better with tanned skin. You can forget about those boring jeans and knitted cardigans (until sun goes down and they become your source of warmth), I do appreciate every item in my closet, but I am tired of those long trousers and big coats. Also I understand that by writing it I only make sure that in few day time I will be forced to go back to warm clothes, because it is only May, but sun has been spoiling us these past days and I just love to spend time by the beach and I would like to think this is a preview for what can I expect for solid three months.
Uhh... floral, laced and pastel colored dresses are my summer favorites and with a pair of sunglasses you get a feeling like nothing can stop you!

Cold breeze

I have to say I like deep wine color, if admitting that is not enough I certainly had to buy a dress, two blouses and a pair of trousers to understand that it is time to stop, I think any girl can relate to this feeling of little obsession, it doesn't even have to be for clothes, it can be anything, but I only realize it when the damage is done. So to do something about it I made a rule to push myself a little bit more towards edge and buy (at least try on) something I wouldn't normally go for, it doesn't have to be anything completely out of my style or taste, but still different. I want to have fun with clothes and try new things, who knows maybe I will end up loving them, so I suggest you to do the same, push yourself out of the comfort zone and try something new (at least consider it : )  

Tricky, tricky...

It came as a slap in a face when i realized how actually windy and cold it was outside, when I, filled with  confidence and determination, went out in my garden to sunbathe (dressed quite poorly) was forced to turn around and come back in winter down jacket and tea in my hands, it is safe to say that sun had tricked me and as I am not a fan of cold, it wasn't a pleasant surprise, but surprise indeed. But still wearing two more layers I chose two ignore the circumstances and enjoy this day  :)
 Yet keeping it bright I wore bright red blouse and matching lipstick, of course keeping my hat in its place was a struggle again, but just when I let my guard (or my hand from a hat) down  wind blew it away. Have to say I like how gold and this bright coral red color looks together, they compliment each other very well not too bright, not too classy and navy blue just settles it down, giving some needed finishing touch.

Ready for spring

Do you know that time of the year when it feels like summer in the sun and winter in any other places, when you can not decide what yo wear because it is so confusing and you also don't want to look inappropriate, well it is called spring!  But I have to admit, I love this time when everything springs and looks so beautiful and green, like you can breathe again after that dark and grey winter (which I also love, but obviously not that much)but you can find beauty in every season.
As this past week has been spoiling us with sun and warm weather, I accordingly spent some time by the beach, clearing thoughts and just relaxing, which is much needed since this month will be hell of a work for me. Time spent with positive emotions and smile on your face is not a waste in any case and it is easier to stay positive when you feel sun kissed.

                       With my lovely friend Julia here and Elina (standing on the other side of the photo)

Spring teaser

 As spring gets closer, everything seems to get brighter and people tend to wear slightly lighter clothes, although cold may scare a bi,t nothing can hold back anyone who is fully ready to take it all in by wearing as less layers of clothes as possible, I probably would be one of them, if I had not had an experience  spring's tricky weather myself.

Navy blue to me is new black, because it compliments everything  and is easily combined with any color at the same time staying very settled, so no surprise my closet contains quit few items with at least navy details. Also I have to add that gold and this gorgeous blue color looks good together and makes the look more lively in case you crave more brightness.  
 And hats... I must say hat gives that classy ending to every outfit, no matter if it is simple, black and small or as a peace of art itself and makes heads turn when you walk by. I would like to wear more hats myself, but I don't know if it is just me or what, but wind always feels the need to blow it away as soon as I leave house, so I consider that wearing hat is quit a struggle for me. But as long as it is beautiful i can bear with some inconvenience. Xx


Girly edgyness.

This is my way of blocking colors I would say, all in black leather! The look was not meant to be like that, but it actually turned out pretty descent. That flowery blouse freshens up and brings to life my combination. Actually it is an easy way of brightening up any dark or too edgy look, just by adding some lovely printed blouse or cardigan, so people would not be scared to talk to you or anything. I even have had situations when people think I am driving a motorcycle just because I had big denim vest with white fur inside, It is crazy how fast others judge you just based on your outfit. 
I was wearing half leather half cotton leggings, a pair of leather boots with some golden details, flowery blouse which was covered with white knitted cardigan and rosy gold necklace not to mention leather jacket and black bag. Adding up together very girly and very edgy things I came up with acceptable solution, I suggest to try sometime.

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