Hello there, all kind of obstacles made my "regular"  blogging completely impossible, but here I am now. Summer is almost half way  gone, although I have to be positive and say that the best part is only ahead of us. The weather around here has been amazing, sunny, warm and enjoyable, just like a summer should be. In my opinion summer is all about laying on a beach, swimming in the sea, beautiful sunsets (or sunrise, if I manege to stay up all night) and all kind of berries, honestly for me summer is all about relaxing, enjoying life and doing things I love, which usually have no time for.
That is why I wish you to have a very inspirational summer and just learn to love everything you do, because it will bring you a step closer to happiness :)
Through these past weeks not much has changed, but still I look back and feel like something is different. So on this note I tried something new...
and I promise next post will be pretty soon!

My outfit is inspired by my surprising wish to use a red lipstick, well and this is the result. 
(blouse-BikBok / skirt- H&M/ shoes- "shoe store" )

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