Pinky mint

Summer is coming closer and closer so wardrobe is gradually becoming brighter, lighter and more summery in every possible way and you have to agree that anything looks better with tanned skin. You can forget about those boring jeans and knitted cardigans (until sun goes down and they become your source of warmth), I do appreciate every item in my closet, but I am tired of those long trousers and big coats. Also I understand that by writing it I only make sure that in few day time I will be forced to go back to warm clothes, because it is only May, but sun has been spoiling us these past days and I just love to spend time by the beach and I would like to think this is a preview for what can I expect for solid three months.
Uhh... floral, laced and pastel colored dresses are my summer favorites and with a pair of sunglasses you get a feeling like nothing can stop you!

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