New year, new beginning  I suppose, but lets be honest it only feels like a new begging  for a couple of days after the New Year, well, at least for me so I wont blame anything else just a pure desire to write here after such a long time. Not much  has changed except almost everything but it only depends on how you look at it. At this time of the year when the weather is quite cold, to say the least, but still so very beautiful. When the sun is setting and sky becomes orange and clouds turn pink or when the sun shines so bright you can see how the snow is sparkling and air seems sparkly and crispy as well and at that exact moment the cold for a moment seems bearable. That is what I would call a delightful winter and in winter so seamlessly in wardrobe appears turtlenecks but I have to admit they do their job pretty well by keeping me warm all through the day and sometimes feeling cosy is all I want.

Every year for Christmas we make a special cake which we start to prepare at the beginning of December it is like a tradition and I would say a very delicious one.

 When it comes to styling my hair I usually choose to keep my hair away from my face because it comes in very handy when the wind blows and the last thing on my mind is fixing them.

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