Hawaii type polka dots

 Hey, few posts ago I talked about fragrances and the way I feel about it and today it proved once again that my love for good perfume is unconditional :)
 Honestly I thought for some time, what should I wear for this post and I even figured it out, but then I was in a bit of rush, because I didn't want to be late (I hate when people have to wait for me) and the lack of time I had made me figure something out in literally two seconds, and then I thought that this combination is not that bad after all, compared to what could of happen :D

                                          Blouse/ H&M     Shorts/Stradivarius   Sandals/ALDO

In my opinion this Hawaii type blouse compliments shorts very well and it is nice and summery look for day like this. Actually when I first got this blouse I wasn't really sure where and with what I am going to wear it, but apparently problems sometimes solves them selves...

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