I chose to take photos on a very sunny day to make them look better, but I have to admit it is far more easy to do when the sun isn't shining directly into your eyes, but what can I do besides just dealing with it... I believe in life everything is about choices you make and efforts you are willing to put on things, because nothing meaningful comes easy, but that's my opinion.
 When  I have no time to choose what to wear I tend to go all black, because nobody looks bad in black and you can never go wrong with that ( only if it is not wedding you are planning to go to ;D ) and recently  I have discovered the same thing with stripes, preferably black and white, and with some golden accessories or colorful, bold scarf for a touch up you are ready to go :)

Last year we planted an apple tree in our garden and this summer it already had three apples, and this is the last one to survive, because the first one was eaten by me like a month ago while it was still green and not ready at all, but I just couldn't resist not taking it, the second one disappeared somewhere, I have no idea where and how, but it just wasn't there one morning and this is the last one, which I just can't wait to ripe properly :)

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