Tricky, tricky...

It came as a slap in a face when i realized how actually windy and cold it was outside, when I, filled with  confidence and determination, went out in my garden to sunbathe (dressed quite poorly) was forced to turn around and come back in winter down jacket and tea in my hands, it is safe to say that sun had tricked me and as I am not a fan of cold, it wasn't a pleasant surprise, but surprise indeed. But still wearing two more layers I chose two ignore the circumstances and enjoy this day  :)
 Yet keeping it bright I wore bright red blouse and matching lipstick, of course keeping my hat in its place was a struggle again, but just when I let my guard (or my hand from a hat) down  wind blew it away. Have to say I like how gold and this bright coral red color looks together, they compliment each other very well not too bright, not too classy and navy blue just settles it down, giving some needed finishing touch.

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