Ready for spring

Do you know that time of the year when it feels like summer in the sun and winter in any other places, when you can not decide what yo wear because it is so confusing and you also don't want to look inappropriate, well it is called spring!  But I have to admit, I love this time when everything springs and looks so beautiful and green, like you can breathe again after that dark and grey winter (which I also love, but obviously not that much)but you can find beauty in every season.
As this past week has been spoiling us with sun and warm weather, I accordingly spent some time by the beach, clearing thoughts and just relaxing, which is much needed since this month will be hell of a work for me. Time spent with positive emotions and smile on your face is not a waste in any case and it is easier to stay positive when you feel sun kissed.

                       With my lovely friend Julia here and Elina (standing on the other side of the photo)

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