Girly edgyness.

This is my way of blocking colors I would say, all in black leather! The look was not meant to be like that, but it actually turned out pretty descent. That flowery blouse freshens up and brings to life my combination. Actually it is an easy way of brightening up any dark or too edgy look, just by adding some lovely printed blouse or cardigan, so people would not be scared to talk to you or anything. I even have had situations when people think I am driving a motorcycle just because I had big denim vest with white fur inside, It is crazy how fast others judge you just based on your outfit. 
I was wearing half leather half cotton leggings, a pair of leather boots with some golden details, flowery blouse which was covered with white knitted cardigan and rosy gold necklace not to mention leather jacket and black bag. Adding up together very girly and very edgy things I came up with acceptable solution, I suggest to try sometime.

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