Spring teaser

 As spring gets closer, everything seems to get brighter and people tend to wear slightly lighter clothes, although cold may scare a bi,t nothing can hold back anyone who is fully ready to take it all in by wearing as less layers of clothes as possible, I probably would be one of them, if I had not had an experience  spring's tricky weather myself.

Navy blue to me is new black, because it compliments everything  and is easily combined with any color at the same time staying very settled, so no surprise my closet contains quit few items with at least navy details. Also I have to add that gold and this gorgeous blue color looks good together and makes the look more lively in case you crave more brightness.  
 And hats... I must say hat gives that classy ending to every outfit, no matter if it is simple, black and small or as a peace of art itself and makes heads turn when you walk by. I would like to wear more hats myself, but I don't know if it is just me or what, but wind always feels the need to blow it away as soon as I leave house, so I consider that wearing hat is quit a struggle for me. But as long as it is beautiful i can bear with some inconvenience. Xx


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